Extend the life of your computer or laptop with
'A Better Tech'!

Is your computer running slowly? Is your operating system old and out of date? Is your hard drive full of old junk files?

Don't know where to get your computer fixed?

Stop Searching!


A Better Tech can help you get your computer running even better than new!

Purchasing a new computer is an expensive prospect. It's even more of a headache when you have to deal with transferring your files and settings from your existing computer to your new one. If your computer is giving you trouble, come on into our repair shop in Conroe, TX.

We specialize in repairing and optimizing your computer so it runs better than new. We complete hardware and software repairs, refurbishing, restoring, and renewing of your personal home computer. Repairing an existing computer is usually less expensive than purchasing a new one. We do not require any appointments and take any walk-in computer that needs to be fixed. We provide just about any repair to your laptop or computer in our Conroe location.

Remember, refurbishing or restoring is usually less expensive than buying a new personal computer. You also get to keep all of your old files & preferences and don't have to deal with trying to transfer everything over. Bring your old & slow PC into our Conroe location today, and get it back up to speed!

Service You Can Trust

Our technicians have been in the computer repair business for years, and have the experience to back it up. We stand behind all of our repair services and know you will be happy with your freshly cleaned and faster computer. We will repair your device to your satisfaction, or your money back. Guaranteed!

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Convenient Repair Options

We know life can be busy, and you rarely have the time available to sit and wait for your computer to be repaired. That's why we have established extended hours and computer drop off for your convenience. We will work on your PC while you go about your day. You can leave your expensive technology in our safe hands knowing that it will be returned better than ever.

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Prices That Make Sense

We are in the business of repairing and refurbishing your technology devices, not price gouging. You can trust that we will offer the best prices in the computer repair business. We continuously work to improve our efficiency and reduce any extra repair time and costs. When we save by being efficient, we pass those on to you so you can rest easy knowing you have the best price.

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Fast Repairs That Match Your Schedule

In today's day and age, many people have chosen to make their living based around their phones or laptops. We understand that for many, time away from their devices is less money made. We work to repair your device as quickly as possible so you can get back up and running. Most of our repairs are completed the same day. Depending on problem complexity and the time you bring your computer in, it may take a bit longer, but rest assured we always work as fast as we are able.

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