Personal Computer Maintenance and Repair Tips

  • Why You Should Avoid Using An Outdated Or Unsupported OS On Your PC

    The Operating System (OS) is a crucial part of your Personal Computer. We can liken it to the foundation of a house, which supports all other software and operations. Your PC's OS is what accommodates all programs and software you install on your computer.

  • Risky Business - Outdated Operating Systems

    There are many risks associated with outdated operating systems. Upgrading an operating system should not be avoided as a cost-savings measure. The regular OS updates may seem minuscule or unimportant, but you're missing out on important security updates. All operating systems eventually get left behind and unsupported in favor of new technology and features. Microsoft Windows delivers quality updates, which are concerned with security and bug fixes, and feature updates that help with usability.

  • Buying Laptops in 2021 - Expensive Can Mean Better

    A laptop has become an essential electronic gadget for everyone. From college students to working-class adults, we all need laptops for a wide variety of reasons. Despite everybody needing a computer, our individual needs differ. For some, it is for academics and documentations, and for others, they are strictly for work.

  • Get Familiar with Online vs. Offline Microsoft Accounts in Windows 10

    The Windows 10 operating system is popular - for the right reasons. It is not only Microsoft's latest, but one of the best we have seen from them. Tons of useful features make this operating system user-friendly and more efficient, and one of these is its newly-introduced compatibility with online Microsoft accounts.

  • Computer Repairs - When Should You Repair or Replace Parts?

    Nowadays, computers play an integral role in our everyday activities. Students require computers to study effectively. Business owners cannot run their businesses effectively without a computer. A corporate setup requires several computers to keep up with work demands.

  • How To Avoid Physical Damage to Computers

    Technology has evolved significantly over the past few years. We now have more reasons to use computers in different aspects of our lives - offices, homes, classrooms, superstores, marts, etc. However, the diverse interactions with these devices also put them at risk of physical damage. The more contact we have with our computers, the more exposed they become. The exposure is even higher, considering the peculiarity of the current times.

  • Online Pandemic Scams - How to Identify And Avoid Them

    The world is continuously striving to adapt to unusual times. The pandemic has hit us in ways no one could have imagined. And how have we fought back? Social distancing is the new order of the day. Facemask is now a regular part of our outfits. We are finding more important technology applications - for work, communication with friends and family, and other personal uses. In all of these, the watchword is "safety." But as much as we prioritize physical safety, we must not relax as regards online safety. Now, more than ever, scammers are maximizing these strange terrains to unleash terror on unsuspecting individuals.

  • 2FA - Your Gateway To A Secured Computer and Online Activities

    The freedom that comes with the internet means there are a few harmful elements in our midst. There have been several situations where people have woken to find out they could not access their online bank accounts or email, websites hacked, and work compromised. People have continuously reported the illegal use of their credit cards for shady transactions online and offline.