Personal Computer Maintenance and Repair Tips

  • Webcam Hacks - Truth or Myth?

    One of the hottest discussions in the IT scene at the moment centers on the possibility of hacking a webcam without the owner knowing. There have been reports from computer owners suggesting that intruders accessed their Webcam for unknown reasons and purposes. But the real question is, how credible are these reports?

  • Redirect Virus Scam Removal

    Browser redirect virus scams send users to other websites that they are not expecting. Most redirects send you to different locations like advertisements, tech support scams, dating sites, adult sites, or unwanted malicious programs. These websites typically contain viruses and malware, which can infect your device. If you have been facing these kinds of issues, keep reading to learn more about browser redirect virus removal.

  • Restore Your Computer To Save Money

    Your computer is running slow, or programs aren't working right, so you start looking into buying a new one. Then you realize the cost involved, not to mention you are already partial to your existing computer. We have recently talked about resetting your computer to factory settings, but did you know you can save money by having a repair technician do a complete restoration? And this can help your computer work like or better than new.

  • Recovering Lost Files And Why It Can Be So Expensive

    Previously we talked about why it's so important to backup your computer. In this post, we'll elaborate on another reason why you should keep multiple copies of your files and other data. The cost of recovering lost or deleted files can be high if you haven't backed up your computer.

  • Why Backing Up Your Computer Is More Important Than You Think

    When your computer stops working, or significant upgrades are due for an operating system (Think Windows 7 to 10), it can be terrifying to think you might lose all of your pictures, music, and documents. So, what can you do to protect your data? We recommend backing up your computer regularly, and having at least two separate copies of everything important to you. This post will help you protect all of your files from a catastrophe.

  • Free Upgrade to Windows 10

    Remember when Microsoft provided free upgrades to Windows 10 from Windows 7, and several of you decided not to do the update? Mainly since you didn't like the idea of change. Well, now you don't have many options. As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows 7. Your computer will continue to work after January 14, but it can be more susceptible to security risks. As well, some of the programs you use may no longer work.

  • Factory Reset Windows 10

    If you experience serious problems on your computer, you may need to do a complete factory reset. Windows 10 systems give you other options including refreshing and restoring your PC, but sometimes a full reset is the only way to eradicate all issues and start on a like-new machine once again. Follow these simple steps to use Windows Recovery. Make sure you understand that a factory reset will completely wipe all of your files and settings away.

  • How to Set Up the Best VPNs for Multiple Devices

    In a world where security breaches and online tracking have become ubiquitous, more people than ever before have turned to virtual private networks (VPNs) to protect themselves and their personal information. The best VPN gives you some degree of anonymity on your Windows or Mac computer or mobile device. Once you choose the best VPN service for your needs, you can set it up quite easily.