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Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screens sometimes crack or become too dirty to clean. In these cases, it is best to go ahead and replace the screen. It is a quick and simple process. We carry all major screen sizes and resolutions, making for an easy replacement of your laptop or desktop screen. No more searching "laptop hardware repair near me" on Google; just give us a call!

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Remote Computer Repairs

Don't worry about disconnecting your computer and hauling it all the way to our location. Todays technology allows for us to remotely access your computer while leaving you in complete control of your security. Give us a call today for quick and easy remote computer repairs.

computer keyboard

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

When a desktop's keyboard stops working, it is a pretty simple process to purchase a replacement. Laptops are a different story. Our technicians are experienced in the replacement of laptop keyboards with any keyboard style you like. We will even clean your laptop's innards while we are in there.

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Hard Drive Replacement

If your hard drive has crashed or is just running slowly, we can help. We can easily replace a broken hard drive, and will even work to recover the data stored there. Upgrading your current hard drive is another solution that will make your PC much faster. We have a wide selection of upgrades for you to choose from.

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Reset and Restore Existing Computer

Likely as not, your personal computer is designed to last quite a long time. When it runs slowly or at a high temperature, most of the time it just needs some TLC to get back up to speed. We will reset and restore your existing computer so it runs even faster than it did when you first took it out of the box.

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Memory (RAM) Replacement or Upgrade

The amount of RAM your computer has is directly related to how fast it loads and processes information. It's probably the easiest way to improve overall speed on your computer. We can either replace the RAM you currently have or upgrade to a faster model. Either choice is likely to improve performance drastically.

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Fan Replacement

Computing processes produce a lot of heat. Heat which can damage the sensitive internal components of your PC! Often, fans can become old and slow, or get clogged by large collections of dust. We can easily replace your old fan with a clean new one and get your computer's cooling up to speed.

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CPU Upgrade or Replacement

The Central Processing Unit, or CPU, is at the heart of your computer's processing. Replacing or upgrading a tired and old CPU will do wonders for your computer's operation. When completing this switch, we will do a direct data transfer, ensuring you don't lose any preferences or valuable files.

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Power Supply Replacement

A computer's power supply is one of the most likely to break pieces of your computer. It funnels power to your PC over long periods and is frequently situated in a cramped position, adding to basic wear and tear. Fortunately, replacing a power supply is a simple and quickly accomplished task for our technicians!